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this blog has moved! August 8, 2010

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Terribly inconvenient, I know. But it was time to get the site up and running, and move the blog to my server. All of the previous blog entries and comments have been moved over, so please update your bookmarks.

The site should be live within a couple of days, once I work out some glitches.

Coming up tonight: the Small-Town Ontario Project visits Sparta!


shop launched! July 26, 2010

If you’ve been over to the shop before, you may have noticed that 1) it opened in January and 2) it’s sat empty since then. I’m something of a perfectionist, and the idea of choosing out the “perfect” prints or writing the “perfect” profile has left me looking for anything else to do but this. I’ve now been home and immobile for a week, and it’s given me a lot of time to think, take a deep breath, and just do it.

Welcome to my little shop. It’s wee right now, but it will grow.

And if you’re not shopping Etsy yet, you should be! It’s the finest place online to find handmade goods, and I won’t tell you how much time and money I’ve happily lost over there. If you’re looking for more fab photographers on Etsy, go check out my