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Welcome to St. Agatha July 12, 2010

This weekend couldn’t have been better, spent with great friends and enjoying the beautiful weather with camera in hand. I spent this afternoon with A., who was visiting from BC, and not only did we watch Spain defeat the Netherlands, but he also joined me for my Sunday small-town Ontario project in St. Agatha. A’s father is a great photographer, and I was floored to see his amazing photos from recent expeditions to Iceland, the Galapagos Islands, and the American Southwest. Some day soon, I hope to see some of his work online and pick up a print or three. Thank you all for a lovely day!

Without further ado, welcome to St. Agatha:


2 Responses to “Welcome to St. Agatha”

  1. Monika Says:

    Love all, but especially the orange flower shot. Brilliance!

    I also adore this little trip through tiny small towns that my non-driving self would probably never see on my own. I hope this ends up being a long project, because I want more!

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