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still waters July 8, 2010

UPDATE: Prints of these images are now available in my shop.

For the past year, I’ve been consumed with long exposure photography and have been slowly building up my portfolio in that direction. I love that the images can be serene, powerful, or both.

Is it telling, interesting or merely coincidence that most of the photographers whose long exposure work I admire are male? The same could be said for nature photographers in general, when I pause to think about it. Why is it, ladies, that there are so few of us out in the middle of nowhere?

Here are a few more from Erieau last week, and below, a list of my favourite photographers with great long exposure work.

Favourites – a long list but I really couldn’t boil it down any further!

    Cole Thompson | flickr | website | blog
    Maria Stromvik | flickr
    Jennifer Squires Ross | flickr | website | blog
    Stéphane Dufief | flickr | website | blog
    Antoine David | flickr | website
    Chad Solomon | flickr | website
    Brett Cohen | flickr | website
    Joshua Cripps | flickr | website
    Aaron Reed | flickr | website | blog
    Joe Rainbow | flickr | website
    Joel Tjintjelaar | flickr | website
    Kevin Saint Grey | flickr


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