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Welcome to Drumbo July 4, 2010

As one of the backroad towns between Cambridge and London, I must have driven through Drumbo countless times over the years and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped until now. It’s always struck me as the plain sister to the pretty tourist towns in the area, and I’m curious to find out how and why Drumbo came to be, and why it feels so much more like a frontier town than Ayr or St. Marys. Information online has been remarkably sparse; as someone who is used to finding everything and anything online, it’s been surprising.

I came across the 2010 Ontario Heritage Conference in my searches, and a reference to Katherine Ashenburg’s book, Going To Town: Architectural Walking Tours In Southern Ontario. I loved her most recent book, The Dirt On Clean: The Sanitized History, which made me both giggle with delight and squeal with disgust. While I don’t think Going To Town will necessarily cover the information I need, I think it’ll be a great accompaniment to my summer travels, along with some old musty history books from local used bookshops and a stack of books by Ron Brown. Unfortunately, no one in town has Going To Town in stock so I’ll have to wait a few days for my order to come in.

Welcome to Drumbo

Drumbo Ice Cream

Drumbo Street View

Drumbo Pub

Drumbo Remembers

Drumbo Storefronts

Drumbo Opportunities

Drumbo Morrow's

Next week, something a little more “picturesque” perhaps?


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