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Welcome to Nilestown June 27, 2010

A few days ago, I was driving home from work, and I had an epiphany. And then… I had an epiphany ABOUT having epiphanies. Are you still with me?

The original epiphany is unimportant to the world at large, but the second mini-epiphany (epiphany aftershock?) was that I do my best thinking while driving. I thought back to a posting at Chookooloonks on meditation a few weeks back about meditation. For me, photography is very much like meditation. As Karen noted, the act of considering my subject, my settings, my intention is an act of meditation for me. And when I drive, I think. I compose. I ponder. I’ve written the best letters, stories and, yes, blog entries, while on the open road, only to lose them like dreams when I reach my destination.

I remember coming back from the desert last summer, and wondering what the future would bring and where I would find myself. The uncertainty led me to fall in love … with Ontario. It was so startlingly lush and green after the muted tones of the desert, and everywhere I looked was just more lovely than the last. I’d always had this dream to leave Ontario, to move out to BC Nova Scotia or anywhere with gorgeous vistas around every bend of the road. While I would never rule out a move in the future, I appreciate my surroundings so much more now.

Welcome to Nilestown, and the beginning of the Small-town Ontario Project.

Internet, if you’re excited now, just wait until you meet Drumbo next week!


3 Responses to “Welcome to Nilestown”

  1. slamdunk Says:

    Excellent photos. We moved to a small town and have never missed city life.

  2. […] a less than stellar day, and an even worse commute home, I packed up my gear and put my driving as therapy/photography as meditation theories to the test. I had no particular destination when I got into the car, but decided quickly […]

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