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the four|one|six April 21, 2010

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Update: Prints of some of the images below are now available in my shop.

I was lucky to spend a long weekend in Toronto, visiting with friends, shopping, feasting and shooting. I’ve taken all the Mondays in April as vacation days, so I was able to spend an extra leisurely day in town for once.

Toronto skyline

The view from high up on St. Clair and Spadina


I accidentally saw the sun rise. Ahem.

Then some time amongst my people on Roncesvalles Avenue, where I happened upon the Katyn Memorial, which was also the day after Poland lost its President and 10% of the government in a plane crash while heading to the Katyn Memorial in Russia.

Katyn Memorial

Katyn Memorial

And still a little time to wander the street, take in the sights, and invade the bakeries:


I’ll save the Monday romp in Mount Pleasant Cemetery for later 🙂

But after two weekends out of town and I was fully tuckered out! This weekend is all about nesting, tidying, painting, decorating in my lovely little home. I can’t wait!


One Response to “the four|one|six”

  1. Monika Says:

    Dood, you didn’t tell me you saw the Katyn memorial! I regretted not going to Roncesvalles when I heard about it (after the fact).

    Is it ever not awesome to have you down here? Nope. Ergo, you should move (yes, yes, I know, I know)

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