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Going Home March 30, 2010

Filed under: blog,personal,travels — sylvia @ 12:40 pm

I’ve finally booked – and financially recovered from booking – my trip to see family in Poland. It’s been six full years since I’ve been home; the perils of adulthood and paying rent and buying food have kept my travels to a minimum. When told of this impending visit, my dear Babcia Lucia promised to pray to God that she would live long enough to see me again. No, I have no idea where I get my melodrama genes from.

Anyhow, yesterday and today is my parents’ wedding anniversary. I always mixed up the dates – as one would when there are two – and I may or may not have found a gift to be delivered this weekend when I go home for Easter, but I have their Christmas gift NAILED. So thanks to a wicked brainstorming session with my bestie, I now have two awesome photo projects for the big trip home.

And here are my folks, right before they got married. Weren’t they cute?



2 Responses to “Going Home”

  1. Monika Says:

    Are we the same person? I think we are! Parents with two wedding anniversaries, grandmothers who pray not to die before we next visit (yes, I realize both of these are Polish standards).

    Dood: 6 years? Wow. Also: I just booked MY ticket too! Woot. (June 6 – June 19).

    Those are amazing photos of your parents..

    • Sylvia Says:

      Sometimes I’m quite sure we share the same brain! And some day, we will journey to the homeland together, and then our families will no longer think we’re the weirdest person they know.

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