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Patience March 20, 2010

Filed under: blog,personal — sylvia @ 9:20 am

Yesterday I pulled my old Nikon f50 off my bookshelf and put it back in my camera bag. That’s not a typo: the f50 is my the film SLR my parents bought me on my 18th birthday, and it’s hasn’t seen much love since I bought my first dSLR in 2006. There was a mystery roll of Koda Portra 400NC in there which I had to use up.

I then had to promptly develop them first thing this morning because I couldn’t wait to see the 10 photos I snapped off last night. The other 26 were irrelevant; I had to know only about the ones I remembered taking. Patience is a virtue indeed.

Next roll: Fujifilm Provia 400f slide film. Now THAT will require patience since most labs in town ship theirs off now.


2 Responses to “Patience”

  1. twinklingmillionstars Says:

    What a nice series of shots, especially like 027, 030, 033 and 036!

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