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the end of hibernation March 16, 2010

Filed under: blog,personal — sylvia @ 12:41 pm

It’s true what they say about Canadians: we’re nice, we’re polite…. and we’re obsessed with the weather.

It’s still technically winter here in southern Ontario. Granted, it came late and has been milder than most, but by this time each year, we’ve all had quite enough, thankyouverymuch. The last two weeks have been unseasonably warm and sunny, with temperatures staying in the double digits (15 degrees folks! 15!), though I’m quite sure that Old Man Winter still has one storm up his sleeve. The winter boots and extra warm coats have not been put away quite yet, in spite of my spring coat and fabulous 5″ heels.

I’ve spent the last six weeks working on those two wonderful weddings, and then spending what was left of my free time either entertaining guests or trying to get out of town. With the weather finally warming, I can’t wait to get out there and start shooting outside again. Instead of bundling up and heading outside, I’ve been busily photographing my baking efforts and getting reacquainted with my old macro lens, since I am still coveting Mb’s new acquisition.


One Response to “the end of hibernation”

  1. Monika Says:

    Isn’t it lovely to feel oneself come back to life? Spring is so intoxicating…

    And: I get to see you in a few weeks! Whoo!

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